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The Most Underrated College In Every State

While the term “safety school” may have a negative connotation, it’s unquestionably a smart decision to apply to at least one college you’ll likely be accepted to.
To make the most out of this strategy, we’ve partnered with Niche to bring you the top schools in the country with great academics and high acceptance rates. To compile this list, Niche used its data for highest academics rankings, acceptance rates, and in-state population.

Oftentimes, these schools’ strong academic programs are overshadowed by the popular perception that a college is better if it’s tough to get into. These colleges challenge that myth, and are smart — and potentially safe — options for student applicants.

Source: Business Insider.

Most Eighth-Graders Fail to Get Degree 11 Years Later

Among young Texans who started eighth grade in 2001, less than one-fifth went on to earn a higher education credential within six years of their high school graduation. And rates were even lower among African-American and Hispanic students and those who were economically disadvantaged, according to data analyzed by two state education agencies and presented Tuesday in a Texas Tribune news application.

Much work remains to be done.

Source: The Texas Tribune.

Focus on Relationships to Boost Attendance

A high school in the Manor Independent School District is being honored for winning a nationwide attendance challenge in the fall through the Get Schooled program and the E3 Alliance.  The school district has been putting more attention on improving student attendance rates, but it’s especially excited about this particular school’s success in that area.

Source: KUT.