Budget, Travel, and Invoicing FAQ

We are planning parent nights for our two middle schools and we are hoping to provide hot dogs, chips and drinks. How do pay for these items? Do we submit an invoice to you, or do we use this as a match? How have previous districts dealt with this situation?

Food and Beverages may be offered and are allowable to parents/families only in conjunction with a GEAR UP structured activity or event (Parent night) where the participants are receiving GEAR UP information. If providing meals, it should be within standard meal times. The anticipated expenditures must be in the school’s approved work plan and budget. The allowable amount is: $5/attendee for snacks & refreshments or up to $8/attendee for meal. Please have a sign-up sheet(s) for all the attendees (attached), agendas, and flyers that show/prove what you did at the event. Please include these with your reimbursement requests and monthly match documentation.

Are TACAC, etc. memberships for the district coordinators part of the district’s budget or does UT TCB pay the memberships?

UT TCB will pay memberships directly. Much like conference registrations.

Will IPSI create and distribute materials and supplies with the TCB logo?

We’re providing a limited budget to each district to create and/or purchase allowable promotional materials and supplies. With a limited budget, districts ought to prioritize what they want and really hunt down the bargains. This will also help in match.

IPSI will also supplement some additional promotional materials and distribute it to the districts. Chelsea Fernandez, College and Career Specialist will coordinate this effort. The TCB logo is currently being designed and will be made available to all in couple of weeks.

Is it allowable to use GEAR UP funds to purchase incentives?

It is allowable to use GEAR UP funds to purchase incentives but there are restrictions and guidelines. The incentive may be used to boost attendance. It can be in the form of a gift card or drawing item at family/parent meetings. The gift card may not exceed $25 in value and may only be for a grocery store, gas station, or restaurant. Only ONE per meeting may be awarded. The gift cards MAY NOT be purchased for students and/or the prize drawing is for the parent and no other purpose.

Is it allowable to reimburse teachers (cohort plus 1) with GEAR UP funds for GEAR UP related certifications? For example, a teacher who has taken (and passed) the Algebra I skills certification.

Your district’s GEAR UP funds may be used to reimburse the teacher unless he/she has been reimbursed through other sources THEN you may use that value towards match (if non-federal source).