Err…what is GUIDES?

GEAR UP Integrated Data Entry System or GUIDES (yes, we made that acronym up and yes, we’re aware the acronym contains an acronym) is the data system we use for data collection. The system is powered by Apricot, a software as a service platform. This system captures, stores, and processes data for our grant. We use this data for program implementation, early warning alerts, quarterly reports, and annual performance reporting. Using a link-to-person guidance, this system creates an effective audit trail for program monitoring.

Whom do we consider as GEAR UP students?

Since GEAR UP is a cohort-model, all students enrolled in 7th grade in 2017-2018 in your designated middle school are considered GEAR UP students. If a student enrolls today, s/he is also automatically a GEAR UP student. Next year, when these students move up to 8th grade, they’ll continue to be GEAR UP students including those who enroll directly in 8th grade. Unfortunately, those who are retained in 7th grade will not be unless they move up mid-year.

Do only immediate family members qualify as Parents?

No. For purposes of GUIDES and tracking parent engagement, any adult that acts as a guardian of a GEAR UP cohort student can be considered as a “Parent”. In addition to mom and dad, you can add grandparents, step-parents, or even older siblings as parents if they act in that capacity.

In GUIDES, are only teachers considered Educators?

No. We use the terms ‘Educators’ broadly. Anyone who is an employee of the school district that’s part of GEAR UP is considered an Educator in GUIDES. Everyone from the Superintendent to the custodian is an Educator regardless of whether they teach in a classroom.

How do I know if the activity we have planned qualifies as a GEAR UP activity?

Please refer to the GEAR UP Data Definitions document. We list 7 broad categories (with certain sub-categories) of Events and 3 broad categories of Services that qualify as GEAR UP activities for students, parents, and educators.

What are Events and Services?

Events are group activities directed at large groups of people (assembly, classroom, college tours, etc.) Services are individualized (one-on-one) and targeted activities like tutoring, counseling, or mentoring. Services can occur in small groups but the intention is individualized delivery of services.

What are Meetings?

These are defined as any internal GEAR UP-related meeting between district administrators, school personnel, or GEAR UP staff. These are for tracking your time and not aimed at meeting grant goals. Any meeting that needs an agenda or has a sign-in sheet has to be entered into GUIDES. Casual hallway conversations need not be entered (unless you want to track every moment of your work life).

I missed entering some activities that we did few months ago. Can you count that in your APR that’s due next week?

Sorry, if it doesn’t exist in GUIDES, it didn’t happen.

If we held an hour-long Financial Aid Awareness workshop for 50 parents and then stayed back and answered questions individually for some parents, how do we enter that in GUIDES?

You can enter the workshop as an Event with 50 attendees for 1 hour. You can also enter the ‘answering-questions’ part that followed as Financial Aid Counseling Service for the parents that asked them. Please ensure that you don’t double-count the hours.

I accidentally added an additional student when I was entering a service or event in GUIDES. How do I delete the student that I did not work with during that class or did not attend that event?

You can uncheck the box in the Active column next to the student in the Service record and re-save the record. See screenshot below:

When I’m creating a new student profile and I enter the Unique ID, it says that there is a “duplicate value found.” What do I do?

You’re in luck! GUIDES found that the student whose profile you’re trying to create already exists in GUIDES; possibly at another district. Email Pratik with the Unique ID number and he will transfer the access permissions to you from that district. Once done, you’ll be able to see that student and thus we’ve avoided creating a duplicate profile.

I have been meeting with a student on a regular-basis. The student dropped by my office at least twice a month for the past few months. I have been entering this in GUIDES as Counseling/Advising services. Should I enter this as Mentoring Service instead?

Mentoring is a pre-planned concerted effort to meet with the students on a regular basis. If the student is dropping by your office regularly, you may want to first discuss with the student if he/she wants you to be his mentor and set up a schedule. Until then, it continues to be an Counseling/Advising service even if it occurs frequently.

I messed up and created a duplicate Event record. How do I delete it?

You cannot. Send the direct URL of the record you want deleted to the Project Director. The data system administrator will delete the records after confirming they’re indeed duplicate records.

We had a joint event with all of our middle schools. Do we each enter as a separate events or should we combine all into one entry?

All District Coordinators have access to all students in the district regardless of what campus they serve. They also have access to any event that either of them create. Thus, it is more efficient to create just one event. Add the relevant details of the event and then take turns to add the students from your respective campus that attended the event if you want to distribute the work load. Else one person can also add all the students.