Match FAQs

Can educator time attending PD during their normal working hours count towards match?

YES! Only if the PD is GEAR UP focused. Please refer to page 2 Educator Time section in The Match and In-Kind Policies and Procedures for specific details.

If a GU Site Coordinator volunteers their time after normal working hours and is NOT getting paid, do you count it as match?

Yes, if it is beyond their paid time. If they are paid a stipend, it is not allowable.

Can a substitute’s time count in the cohort’s classroom for an educator to attend professional development aimed for assisting GEAR UP students count as match if the substitute is not being paid by GEAR UP or Federal Funds?


If a professional tutor provides tutoring for our GU cohort, do we use the standard volunteer rate of $25.15 or do we use their professional hourly rate?

The professional tutor will put their professional hourly rate (including benefits) on the form. If they do not put their professional hourly rate, you will have to use the standard volunteer hourly rate of $24.64 so please encourage them to complete the form.

If I didn’t know the volunteer tutoring a cohort student was a professional tutor by trade and they didn’t put their professional hourly rate, may I change their form to reflect the professional rate instead of the standard volunteer hourly rate?

NO. Under no circumstances is anyone ever allowed to modify the completed form signed and certified by the volunteer, partner, etc.

If a counselor is classified as an educator for the district, is the counselor’s time spent focused on GEAR UP during normal working hours allowable towards match?

No, the same policy will apply to a counselor classified as an educator as the educator’s policy. Please refer to page 2 “Educator Time” section and page 3 “Other School Staff Time” in The Match and In-Kind Policies and Procedures for specific details.

If a student in the cohort volunteers their time at a parent night, etc., does their time count as match for volunteering?

No, GEAR UP cohort students can’t count as match, since they are “being a student.” If non-GU students volunteer, their time is allowable, but only beyond the school day. However, they’ll get credit for participating in an GEAR UP activity.

If a upper level student tutors cohort students, how do we document them on the volunteer form?

Use the students full first name and last name initial on the match form then keep their full name (first and last) on file in your office in case of an audit.

If we have a GEAR UP PD session for teachers during their lunch (this would be done during the days they are receiving school/district PD but they are free to have lunch on their own) can we provide lunch and can we count their time as match?

You may count their time as match – PD is the only exception for using match for educators during normal working hours. Make sure the PD enhances the GU program. It is non-allowable to GEAR UP funds to provide lunch in this instance; however, if someone donated food, you could capture it as match though.